Twitch Plays Pokemon Moving to Second Generation Games: Gold and Silver

ImageIt seems as though the chaos which is ‘Twitch Plays Pokemon’ will be continuing its success with the second generation of the Pokemon games, Gold and Silver.

“I’ve received a lot of requests to continue with the Pokemon franchise after the Elite Four and the Pokemon Champion get defeated, so I’m going to do that, I’m still deciding which of the generation 2 Pokemon games to go with.”


Who remembers this red headed, little shit?

‘Twitch Plays Pokemon’ has the internet wrapped around I’ts finger thanks to the addicting game play and madness the game brings, at one point the game had over 75,000 people join the fun. Even though the game should be logically impossible to get through, Twitch players have impressively managed to get to the eighth gym. I suggest checking it out, the game gets kinda’ boring to watch after a while but the nostalgia feels great, plus the occasional funny happens.

Update: players have now finished the game, a new adventure is to start soon.


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